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Migrating text/mtext from AutoCAD into ArcPRO

06-06-2024 11:09 AM
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I need help bringing as-built notes into ArcPRO 3.3.0... Specifically, text/mtext from AutoCAD.

Current workflow:
Step 1) Using CAD to Geodatabase to load .DWG into ArcPRO. At this stage, the text comes in as an annotation within ArcPRO and is visible on the map just how we want it.
Step 2) Using Feature Class to Shapefile to create an SHP of annotations.
Step 3) Import SHP into Project Map. Here is where I'm having troubles... the shapefile changes the text into a Polygon. I'm able to select the Polygon and scroll to the correct attribute field for the text, but it is less than ideal for our end goal of having visible as built notes on the base map.

If you have a solved workflow to share, I would greatly appreciate it.

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