Microsoft Surface Dial and ArcGIS Pro

07-04-2021 01:13 AM
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I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Dial and wanted to get it working with ArcGIS Pro (2.8.1). It would be helpful to have it working for easy zooming, rotating, and other common functions. While the dial works with other applications I've tried it with (using custom controls to map keyboard shortcuts) I cannot get it working with ArcGIS Pro in any usable form other than sometimes the default zoom. Has anyone gotten this working? Seems like it would be a great fit for working with ArcGIS if I can just get the basic key mappings to work.

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If it is a matter of associating keyboard shortcuts in Pro to the device, see

ArcGIS Pro Keyboard Shortcuts (


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I tried programing in keyboard shortcuts such as A & D for rotate and + and - for zoom. It's like the surface dial can't see ArcGIS Pro. I use the same custom keymap functions for other apps and it works. I can pick ArcGIS Pro from the apps list to create custom mappings for it but it never works as if it never realizes I am in ArcGIS pro. Wasn't sure if anyone else had tried this but I can't think of a reason this should not work as it does in other programs.

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