Mars Raster Projection

03-08-2021 02:28 PM
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I am working in a .tif raster of a shield volcano on Mars, I am trying to project the raster to a Mars coordinate system using the "Project Raster" tool. The tool runs smoothly but the result is not, I cannot get the horizontal units to plot correctly. I use the "line of sight" tool to create a line on the raster so that I can get a Topographic profile of that line. the profile looks just fine and the y axis values are correct, however, the x-axis is way off. The values should be 00-2000m on the x-axis, yet there are from 0m-35,000m, and when i use the measure tool it says the line is 20,000m. Am I doing something wrong when projecting the raster? Is there a way to scale down just the x-axis? 

Any help is much appreciated.

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