Mapping timestampped data using network analyst

06-15-2021 09:17 PM
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I have been given about 250 locational pings that show a route someone took based on their phone's location. I am supposed to use Network Analyst in Pro to route the pings in order.

I have looked at this a few ways, but I seem to be lost as to how to map them and what tool in Network Analyst I am supposed to use. If anyone has any ideas or a direction they think I should take I would really appreciate it.


Thank you!

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If you have a series of timestamps and x,y/long,lat numbers/coordinates. I'd first map them Add x,y coordinate data as a layer—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation The coordinate system/datum will also likely be WGS84, so ensure this is set. Or depending on your initial data format you may be able to use a conversion tool An overview of the GPS toolset—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

The next step would be to use Network Analyst to load in your new points into the 'Stops' layer. The sequence should be determined by setting the datetime field, but this may have been messed up in the conversion process.  If so, I'd recommend initially adding a sequential incremental field from the first timestamp to the last so as to order the stops correctly. Then use the Route solver to create the estimated route between those stops.

I can't explain all the facets of the network analyst options/settings here so may be a good idea to read up on it and the route solver.

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