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07-26-2021 11:16 PM
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Hello there,

Im facing problems using Map Series. Basically I have 2 different point shapes, one that has center points of each region and one with all adresses per region. Now I wanna make a map series that prints all adresses per region. Page 1 one: all adresses of region 1, Page 2 all adresses of region 2 and so on...any tips? Moreover is there any way to have a map series with multiple pages per region?

Kind regards, Fynn 🙂

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i Fynn,

I think you can do it by using your centre point for the region.  But, since the region may have different scales why not use a polygon layer defining the region.  Then you can define scale, projections and so on.

For your second question, I think you want to be able to print a big region in many parts because the region is to big.  I do not know if is possible with your centre point layer but, again, if you make a polygon layer you can divide a region to big in many ones.

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Hey, not quite but i finally found a solution! I created thiessen polygons based on every adress and afterwards dissolved them with my regions 🙂 That worked out well thanks anyway