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Map series scale bars settings for maps with varied scales

05-15-2023 04:18 PM
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Hi I regularly build map series using ArcGIS pro, and usually everything is sweet, except I sometimes struggle to get scale bars to behave.  For example I would like to have a map series with with an Overview  map (e.g. 1:180000) showing a study area, and then the following Detail maps (1:5000).  However I cannot seem to get a suitable combination of scale bar settings that provide an acceptable scale bar for the series.  See examples below.  Usually I revert to creating separate layouts for Overview and Detail.

Any suggestions?

I think what would be helpful is to have scales that are visible depending on the Map Series page number or similar?  Like Page queries for map layers.

Overview map scale 1:18000


Detail map scale 1:5000







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Using 'Adjust divisions and division values' I get the results below which are not useful  - there is no way to force the numbers to be useful








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Esri - do you have any response for this? I have had the same question for years. The scale bar functionality is not sophisticated enough for map series with pages of different scale.

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