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Map Series Locator Maps

05-04-2023 04:36 AM
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I am doing a map series. In my layout I have 4 map extents (with differnt scales)  where I want to show my map. I have a picture of a template where the wanted ares is inside a frame in the locator map.
- Does anyone know how to get the frame? (small maps, top right)

In an even smaller overview locator map i simply want my area markes as a point. 
- Does anyone know how to mark my area as a point? (small map top, middle)

And my last problem is, that in my big main map i want certain point data shown, but not in the smaller overview/locatormaps. But i cannot uncheck them in a single mapframe, because then they vanish everywhere. 


I added a picture of my template/goal.


Thanks for any helpLocator Map_ Map Series.PNG

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These may help 

For the  locator map, you need to use another map to be able to control layers separately from your primary map frames.  The following guide is for ArcMap, however the concept is the same in Pro, I refer back to it often.

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For showing the extent as a point, extent indicators in ArcGIS Pro have a collapse to point option that should help. Learn more here 

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To show your point data layer in the main map but not the smaller overview maps, use Visibility Range settings on the Feature Layer tab. This lets you display the points at larger scales but not at the smaller scales of the locator maps.