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07-15-2021 09:56 AM
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I am running 2.8 and using Spatial Map Series to automate map elements, title, descriptive info. The information I need is from one layer, the subject is a different layer. I have tried to export at a manual extent; activate the layout and drag, but the result is the default extent of that page. This can result in the subject being off in a corner or some other less than ideal location.

Question: How to export a manual spatial map series extent?

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An enabled map series puts a Map Frame constraint on the Map associated with it to preserve the map series extent options.  Have your tried temporarily disabling the map series before creating your export?  You can disable a map series in the map series setting dialog.  Is this for a one-off map you want to produce or are you trying to automate the process to set extents that go beyond the feature in the map series index layer?


Jeff - Layout and teams

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