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07-08-2021 11:19 AM
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I am working with a tax parcel layer.

I must display 5 fields; owner name, address, acreage, district, map, parcel and parcel extension.

One owner may have multiple parcels.

Information must be displayed on one map. Do not repeat owner name, address. Display sum of acreage.

My problem is that I can only query one row at a time and so I have three maps for one individual who owns three abutting parcels. I am obv trying to automate what was previously manually entered info. Here's a template of what it looks like. 

Box one:

Owner Name                     Box three:

Address                               District: # Map: # Parcel: #.#

Box two:                               (repeat above for # of rows)


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As I see it, you will either need a separate table of distinct owners, or you'll need to do this with Python, using the module, at least until the Map Series / Map Book options get expanded further.

It takes a bit to set it up, but using is very nice. Using two maps and a single index layer, we're able to auto-generate not just map layouts, but reports and map series items as well, and merge them into single PDFs as needed.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Josh thanks for the reply, I thought I had replied already. I have explored and I am definitely watching the related sessions at the UC this week. 
If I can't figure it out  think we will stick to a less than beautiful table that at least gets all the data on the page efficiently. 

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