Map Series and Layer Effects on basemap and Layouts

04-20-2022 06:53 AM
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I'm using ArcPro I have a layout that we use for a map series.  The basemap of the map that feeds the mapframe is the USA Topo Maps tile dataset from the Living Atlas.  In the map that feeds the layout I have applied a layer effect to turn the basemap grayscale.  (Luminosity blending effect, map set to 50% transprency)

If I then create a Map Series, the PDF exports does not apply the layer effect, the base layer shows in full color.

If I create an independent layout--in this case simply turn of the Map Series functionality--the exported map does retain the layer effect.

This appears to be a bug.  Or at least the behavior is inconsistent.  I would think that map in series should be able to retain the layer effects the same as a stand-alone layout. 

Am I missing something?  Is there a workaround outside of copying and making an independent layout for every sheet?

Thanks for your help.

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Unfortunately this appears to be a bug.  Blend modes are complicated because _some_ of them are natively supported in PDF, but some are not.  Looks like for some reason the combination of Map Series AND blend modes does not work properly.

We've logged an issue for our developer to evaluate for next release.  In the meantime, have you tried using the "export as image" option?  Since this uses rasterized results of rendering, it _may_ retain the effects of blend modes better than trying to use native support in Adobe Acrobat.

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