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Map scale within map series

04-10-2023 03:17 PM
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Hello, I'm trying to batch multiple maps at the same time using Map Series. The only issue I'm having is my map scale. I want the map to give exact scales to the nearest inch=200' 300', 400', 500', 600' etc (nearest 100') and zoomed in as much as possible to show the entire unit. I realize I could just set it at the smallest scale to account for the largest polygon, but I hate to set them all to inch=600, even for polygons that are only 10 acres and could be further zoomed in. 

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Hi @EmilyConklin within Map Series there is a settings to do exactly this 😊

If you open the Map Series Properties you will see there is a map extent drop down and you can choose "Best Fit Extent". here you can also define round scale to the nearest, hope this helps 🙂




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Hello Brendan, I'm toyed with the best fit extent but have had no luck. I did margin size 50, US Feet, round scale 100 but every time I played with this and changing the margin and round to the nearest scale part, I kept getting maps in odd scales, ei: inch 333, inch 546....but couldn't get exact inch 100, 200 etc. If you know more about how to get that exactly, I'd sure love to know. Thanks for reaching out!

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With 1200 inches in 100 feet, the scales you're looking for (1 inch = 100 feet, 1 inch = 200 feet, 1 inch = 300 feet, etc) are 1:1200, 1:2400, 1:3600, etc. 

Therefore you can use Best Fit Extent with a Margin size of about 5% or 10%, then Round scale to nearest 1200 to get the map scales you're looking for.