Map export to PDF... features not editable in Adobe

08-26-2019 11:36 AM
New Contributor

Hi all, 

I am the sole GIS tech in my organization, therefore when I am out of office and a small tweak needs to be made to a figure prior to sending out to a client, my bosses and coworkers like having the ability to edit the features and labels of a map in Adobe Acrobat Pro (usually just editing the text of a label or slightly moving a point). Just hoping to provide some context for why I am looking for this capability. 

Anyways, when exporting a map layout as a PDF from ArcGIS Pro (in all versions up to 2.4.1), I have had the issue of some features (points, lines, polygons, and their respective labels) occasionally becoming part of the background image (the map imagery) and unable to be moved using the editing tools in Adobe. To make matters more confusing, this only happens some of the times (sometimes points can move but not their labels, sometimes both can move, sometimes both are stuck). As well, in the layers pane of Adobe, I can check off the visibility of a layer that I haven't been able to edit and make it disappear (as if it is not part of the imagery layer..). 

I know this issue may sound like it could be Adobe-related, but the fact that the editable features vary between map products leads me to believe this is a Pro issue. I have tried all relevant settings in the Share tab with no luck. 

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