Managing changes to Story Maps and their data

02-24-2021 02:55 PM
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I'm new to Story Maps and I'm hoping I'm looking for some guidance please.  


- ArcGIS Pro 2.7
- Layers stored in a local gdb
- 2d web map produced in Pro by hitting "Share as web map - editable:copy all features"
- Updates and changes to the data in the layers mentioned above


I make updates to the data in my gdb.  I add the published web map back from the portal to ArcGIS Pro 2.7.  I can change the symbology, layer order etc and use "save web map" function.

When I hit save the map refuses, citing that a WFL with same name already exists.  No option to over write.  That's just the end of the story.

How do I replace a layer in a WFL with a more up to date version from a local gdb?  Or, if i update directly but need to add a new layer to my webmap, how do I include this new layer and "save web map"?


Many thanks

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@AndrewBarker3 -- Thanks for posting your question. It's great that you are starting to work with StoryMaps!

Even though you are using this map in a story, your question is really more of a question about publishing content with ArcGIS Pro. I'll move this thread to a different spot so people who are familiar with this can get back to you.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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Hi Andrew,

You can Overwrite a web feature layer in ArcGIS Pro. Before overwriting though, there are some considerations you should be aware of.

Hope this helps,


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So I had a bit of workflow learning to do on this one...
What I've learned with Story Maps so far:

  • Once you publish a webmap from Pro, what you are looking at in Pro is not going to sync, publishing creates a copy on AGOL.
  • To edit this copy, in Catalog go to Portal and Open that copy - then you can update symbology and layer order etc.  
  • You can edit the feature layer geometry too.
  • You cannot add more layers from other sources though.  Instead, create a third map with these new layers and publish those as a separate Web Feature Layer (WFL), then add that WFL back to Map 2 and then choose "Save Web Map" (or you can add the WFL in the Agol Map Viewer).  

What I still haven't solved is how to share a storymap publically that contains an editable WFL.  I'd like the Story Map to essentially only see a Map Service but I can't publish Map Services to AGOL, they need to be Feature Services.  It's a bit of an annoying bind.  I don't want to make the WFL publically accessible, because I don't want it edited by externals, but I would like externals to view it.  

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