Make Feature Layer ArcGIS Pro - change field names

08-19-2019 04:28 PM
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When running Make Feature Layer in ArcGIS Pro, how can field names be changed? This was possible in ArcMap. Also it appears that using arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer_management with field infos to change the field names does not work.

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ArcMap: Can change field name

Pro: Can't....

Arcmap help explicitly states "Field names can be given a new name by using the Field Info control. The second column on the control lists the existing field names from the input. To rename a field, click the field name and type in a new one."

While Pro help, this text is not present. 

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Thanks for the clarification.

I don't understand why this would change in Pro. Especially when many of us have developed workflows and scripts that assume things will behave this way. I suppose I'll have to re-write everything to use FeatureClassToFeatureClass instead .

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You can always change them later

Alter Field—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop