Make existing polgon corner square

08-12-2021 08:34 AM
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I have an existing polygon, one of its corners is not square.  I need to make this corner square, ie I need to make the two edges perpendicular to each other.  Is there any good way to do this with Arc's editing tools?

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If you want to do automatically do it regularization geoprocessing tool in ArcGID Pro.


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  1. Edit tab > Modify > Reshape
  2. Select the polygon.
  3. Sketch new geometry for the corner of the polygon, making sure it intersects the polygon twice.

While sketching, you can use make use of some of the segment construction tools like Intersection or Right-Angle. Also make sure to turn on Snapping so you can snap to the edge of the polygon while sketching.

Here is how it can work with the Intersection construction tool:


Does that help?