Make ArcGIS Pro project file (.arpx) accessible more easily

06-12-2023 11:39 PM
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An ArcGIS Pro project file (.arpx) is packed into a folder (see myarcgisproject.arpx in the image). This is cumbersome for users to find and to access. A map exchange file (.mxd) from ArcMap / ArcGIS Desktop was much more intuitive as it was, apart from the links, stand-alone. Is it feasible to organize ArcGIS Pro project files in the same way, i. e. leave away the whole package around it?

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That is the structure.

You could suggest an "Idea" but I doubt it would carry much traction if it entails 

Perhaps try some naming options to make it stand out.

a = ['myprojectfile.atbx', '__myprojectfile__.atbx', 'AAmyprojectfile.atbx', '_My_Project_File_.atbx']



I like the second option

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There are som settings affecting this that you could try to alter. E.g., you could choose that Pro should not create a folder for a new project. Similarly, you can choose to not create new project database and toolbox but use existing ones instead.

This could be used to have all .arpx files created in the same folder. That said, keeping the .arpx files in different folders is the standard setting.