Maintaining Level of Detail at different scales in 3D animation

05-11-2023 10:57 PM
New Contributor

Hi folks,

I'm creating a short 3D bathymetric flyover of the eastern Canadian continental slope for a presentation, and am having some issues with changing resolution as I zoom in/out. I'm currently using a fairly high-res raster from GEBCO as the elevation layer (clipped to a specific canyon), and am finding that the level of detail very visibly and dramatically shifts as I move around and change angles, to the point of degrading the "wow-factor" of the animation. I'm curious if there is any way to freeze the resolution to the highest level to eliminate this issue or, alternatively, if there is any other workaround that I'm missing to mitigate this? I love the level of detail in the raster layer and would love to maintain it if possible - any advice would be appreciated!


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