Looking to Create or Find High Resolution Hillshade Imagery (Minnesota)

03-08-2023 08:05 AM
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Hello, I am wondering the best way to create or access high resolution hillshade imagery. I have used state (Minnesota-MN GIS), DNR data, and NRCS Datagateway to find pre-made hillshade rasters as well as DEM source data to create hillshades through the Hillshade Tool in ArcGIS Pro. I have also used the Terrain: hillshade layer, but I am hoping to find another source or way to further refine data in order to generate higher resolution imagery.

Thank you for any help!

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Kevin - it appears MN DNR has 1-meter DEM for many areas that you can download and then use the Hillshade (Spatial Analyst) GP tool or use the Hillshade (or Shaded Relief) Raster Function to create a hillshade.  Would that work?

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