Locators in ArcGIS Online not working in ArcGIS Pro

08-29-2018 04:07 AM
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I have various locators available to me in ArcGIS , as shown below:

These used to be available to me in ArcGIS Pro, but now I only have xy provider showing in my locators in my projects in ArcGIS Pro.  According to the  help they should automatically be available to me?  Can anyone advise me please as being unable to search for place names or postcodes is obviously really frustrating!


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Sophie - you'll need to re-add those locators as for some reason they're no longer in your AGP project.  To do, so click the Locate command on the Inquiry group.  In the Locate Pane, click the + sign to add a locate provider.  In the Select Existing Locator UI that opens, click All Portal on the left side of the UI and type BNG or OS Open in the upper right box of the open UI that says "Search Portal:  All Portal".  Based upon the search results, add the missing locators to your Locate Pane and proceed with your workflows.

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Hi Sophie,

Just to confirm, the only locator you see in the Locate pane is the "XY provider"? Do you even see the ArcGIS World Geocode Service? 

Is the issue reproduced with other usernames in your ArcGIS Online organization? 

Is the issue reproduced with other ArcGIS Pro projects?

Please let me know and I'd be happy to help figure this one out 🙂


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