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02-22-2022 07:01 PM
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I hope there will be much more candidates that can be seen when I search for place names.


Despite changing "Locator Properties", why are there 5 candidate sites?


How can I see more candidates on "Field Maps"?


Thank you.

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What tool was used to build the locator?

What role was used to build the locator?

How many features or suggestions are you expecting to be returned?

You may want to try creating the locator with the Create Locator tool and using the POI role  and possibly use categories since you can search on the category name and get all of the places associated with that category.

Another option is to configure the layer for feature searching, then save the map as a mobile map package or share as a web map and use the configured layer for searching. This would allow you to search for any part of the name if the place name field is configured with 'contains'.

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