Load CAD data into Arcgis PRO - Where is the Ribbon?

12-08-2017 05:27 AM
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I am trying to add CAD data to ArcGIS Pro 2.0, but I am not seeing the CAD Ribbon Display when I add the data.  The layers load fine (however not in a group layer, see image attached) I do not get the CAD Ribbon to display where I can start working with the CAD data.  I have turned off in the option to "Convert CAD feature class to project GDB"

I have tried all types of CAD drawings and various file types from DWG to DXF.

Any help would be great.. it seems like the ribbon should just pop up and the data should be grouped.

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From what I can see, I have to expand the small group it creates and then click on the expanded layer in order for the CAD Tool ribbon to show up:


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Doing that does not change anything on my end.

any other ideas?

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That would make me think that the layer selected in the TOC is not a CAD layer?

What does the source tab for that layer say?

--- George T.
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I fixed mine by going to the CAD file in from file explorer, right click, go to properties, security, edit permissions and check Full control. I reloaded the CAD and the tab opened. 

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