Linear extrapolation of a vector

11-08-2019 10:54 AM
New Contributor

I am currently working with hurricane data from NOAA’s IBTrACS. Each gathered data point is separated by three hours. I am trying to add points on the path for every hour. Since storms are nonlinear and change speeds greatly over three hours, I cannot use densify as that function adds points based on distance.

I will be assuming between each point there is a linear trend. This linear trend also applies to the change of wind speeds. Shown here is the buffer around the max wind speed radius, data collection points, and hurricane track all of Hurricane Maria. I want to be able to show a constant change in all the features if possible (i.e. radius of max wind speed for a three hour segment changes from t0=50kts to t3=80kts, but with the hour intervals it would have attributes of t0=50, t1=60, t2=70 and then t3=80).

Any help trying to find a tool that fits this description or writing of a code that would perform this action would be helpful. I have access to ArcPro 2.4.

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