Layout Text with Leader Line Arrows (Callout Box)

09-23-2020 10:33 AM
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  I have some issue with text in a Layout when I activate the Leader Lines and create a dynamic arrow that follows the text when moved. 


First may be a tolerance bug in Pro.  Seems when I move the text in relation to where the leader line is pointing, it's usually fine except when I'm at 0, 90, 180, 270 degree angles.  There it sometimes doesn't center the leader line to the text, unless I shift it around a bit.  The issue with this is there is such a tiny angle tolerance before it changes the position of the leader line to the corners, making some text look awkward.  (see image: Issue 1 - Leaderlines Away From Text.jpg)

Is there away to control the buffer of the leader line to the center of the text at all or is this just something that I just have to kind of live with?


  When I have leader line arrow pointing to the text (I don't have a problem when the leader line arrow is pointing away as in the example above), is there away to control the buffer between the center of the text and the leader line?  Since I have an arrow, it gets way too close to the text.

  I can change the Position Offset X of the actual Arrow Shape Marker (in the Format Line Symbol for the leader line under the Callout section) and change it to 7pts in this example and it works, but if I change it any higher, the arrow itself moves too much onto the line Shape Marker making it look bad.


  The big question is there something I'm missing that I can somehow control how close the leader line can get to the text at all (I've tried changing the Placement Position as well for the Text thinking there might be a trick here, but no luck)?  I would think there was some anchoring parameter somewhere for the leader line in relation to the text, but I just can't seem to find anything...


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Hi Pete,

It's difficult to know exactly what's going on without seeing the settings but here are some things to check based on your description and images.

issue 1

There are different leader styles you can use to set how the leader attaches to the text.  You could try different options there, but I think it's a bigger issue.  Could you log it in with support?

issue 2

I looks like your arrowhead is extending past the end of the leader line symbol.
Some things to look at.  Are you using a background callout instead of a simple line callout?  Background will give you access to the gap property that you can use to space the end of the leader from the text.  And looking at the line symbol make sure that the arrow marker doesn't have an offset distance set.



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Thanks Wendy for looking into this.  And first off, yes, I've made sure there are no offsets for the arrowheads.  Everything about the arrowhead (position, offsets, etc) is just 0 or default.  The only thing that has changed is the ESRI Arrowhead type and size as well as the line size.


 This happens with both the Simple Line and the Background as well as different styles.  So might be an odd bug which I'll have to log.


 Yes I was using the Simple Line.  I tried the Background and that did help with the addition of the Gap field.  Though this now has issues as well.  First one is that Issue 1 above is even worse with positioning and can be tricky because of this (see the lower row in the new jpg I attached).  As for the gap, it works, however having a 5pt gap works well when the text and arrow are at angles and not (0, 90, 180, 270 deg), but when they aren't the arrow gets too close unless I then have to adjust the gap to 10pt and then it's fine (meaning if I then move that to an angle it becomes too much of a gap).  I do think it's a better option using the Background, just still not ideal I guess.

(All arrows are the same Format Line Symbol parameters, using 0 offset, position, etc and the same Callout parameters as well shown on the right)  

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