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Layout Item Changes Between ArcMap and Pro

07-14-2023 06:40 AM
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Hello Community:

I am working on migrating layouts from ArcMap to Pro and encountering numerous issues when importing the layout from ArcMap to Pro.

1.) The title that uses custom text no longer works properly as this element had a property of title in ArcMap which was changed to a property of name in Pro.

2.) The legend item's border did not display in ArcMap, but now shows up in Pro.

3.) The scale of the layout displays odd scales whereas it used to be confined to engineering scales (1inch = 50 feet, 1inch = 100 feet, etc.)

Has anyone encountered any issues such as this when migrating from ArcMap to Pro?

Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Hi, moving from arcmap to Pro is very easier than from arc view to arcmap.  But, like always, not perfect.

I done many time without problem but, have to adjust.  Check the links.  I had to make some adjustments but nothing to much time consuming.  For example, I change some informations by using the dynamic text.

For the legend, since it's not implemented the same way, you can make a new one.  Since now, all layout elements are listed in the contents, it's easy to just copy and paste from one to an other.  Just adjust the links.

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