Layers missing from exported map

01-21-2021 12:42 PM
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I've put together a map layout containing three layers however when I export this (I've tried TIFF and PNG), one of the layers is missing. I have only one map open, one layout, and one map frame, and it looks the way I want in the layout. But when I open the exported image, it's incomplete. What's the problem?

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That's not good at all. There have been a lot of updates to export in recent Pro builds. Can you tell me what build you are using? Also, what is the data source of the layer not exporting (shapefile, feature class, web service?)?

You can also reach out directly to Technical Support. They should be able to help you understand the issue, and if there is a bug, they can get it to the dev team. 

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Hi Aubrey. Quite by accident I figured out that the problem was that I had unsaved geoprocessing edits. I couldn't even find what they were, but when I saved them the export work. The layers were shapefiles.

The version I'm on is 2.6.