Layer to KML working successfully but not creating KML

05-09-2023 05:00 AM
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I'm using ArcGIS Pro 3.1.1 to create KML files from layers in my project using the 'Layer to KML' tool.

The tool is  running successfully and is completing the conversion without any issues. The output KML file is being saved in User\My Documents\ArcGIS\Projects\Project Name, however when I go to this folder, the KML file is not there.

If I remake the KML file with the 'Layer to KML' tool, I get a notification warning saying the output file already exists, even though it's not there.

I've been making KML files this way for years and have never had any trouble. I updated ArcGIS Pro to this latest version last week, so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong of if it's a bug with the latest update. Anyone else having similar issues or can any light be shed on this? Thanks

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in Google Earth Pro, select Open from the File menu and change the drop down to ESRI Shape.  Add your shapefile.  once it has been added select it from the Places pane and choose Save Place As (not Save to My Places) and select KML

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Thanks, that is one way to get around the problem alright 👍

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