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lable to annotation

07-19-2023 07:03 AM
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In arcmap I always use append when making convert labels to annotations.

Try to do the same in Pro but, when activating the convert labels I saw nothing in the geoprocessing to make append my conversion in my layer.

When I choose my database, I can't choose the layer, for the append, since the database said empty, even if when I look at the catalog all my layers are there.


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@MarcelSt-Germain - it does appear the ArcMap vs. ArcGIS Pro "convert labels to annotation" workflow is missing the Append parameter in the ArcGIS Pro side.  Not ideal but there is a Append Annotation Feature Classes GP tool to append one annotation FC to another annotation FC.  I searched the ArcGIS Pro Ideas for this functional equivalency item but did not find one.  I'd recommend creating an ArcGIS Idea so it gets upvoted and visibility with the Development team.

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Thanks,  I will post this idea.  ESRI what us to move to Pro but can't at least give us basic functions available for decade in arcmap. Very frustrating to see that with the slowwwww of Pro agains arcmap.

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