Label weights blocking labels they shouldn't

12-16-2021 06:14 AM
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Hello folks! I'm having some labeling issues in Pro, which I was initially only seeing with certain types of labels but now am seeing in another situation. I'll often use label weights to block labels from overlapping layers with black borders or other layers of key importance. Currently, my map has a series of polygons containing lines and points, and I'm trying to have 5 of those points labeled. I want to use label weights with the "Polygon Boundary Weight" at 1000 to block and Feature Weight at 0 (because I don't care about the interior); however, when the "Polygon Boundary Weight" is 1000, those 5 points don't get labeled. If I set the "Polygon Boundary Weight" to 999, the points label.... and the labels are nowhere near the boundaries. If I "never remove" the point labels, they all get labeled immediately to the right of the points, which is not what I want either. There are other labels in the map that are too chaotic not to have "Polygon Boundary Weight" blocking, and while I could label the 5 points manually, I'm primarily frustrated & confused at this behavior. Anyone know anything about this..? 

tl;dr If I'm blocking "Polygon Boundaries" in labeling, why is it blocking labels inside the polygons nowhere near the boundaries?

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You're using the feature weights correctly - this shouldn't be happening. What version of Pro are you using? 

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