Join points to polygon based on spatial AND matching attribute field value

01-24-2023 11:59 AM
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I have two layers - a polygon and a point. The polygon layer has more than 100 records (does not overlap) and the point layer has more than 10,000 records.

I'd like to spatially join the points (count or sum) to the polygon layers only  if the following two conditions are fulfilled:

1. Points are within the polygon (which is easy to do) AND 2. the attribute value in one of the columns of the point layer matches with the attribute value in the polygon layer (for e.g. polygon name or postal code).

The issue I'm facing is that there are points that fall within a polygon area but some of those points need to be excluded as they do not share the same attribute value with the polygon area. I do not want the points with no same field value to be spatially joined with the polygon even if the point is within the polygon. 

For example, points A and B are both spatially located in polygon area 80210 but since point A's attribute value is not 80210 (say it is 80250) then it should not be counted/summed during the spatial joining process. 

What can be done to ensure both the conditions are fulfilled?

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What are you trying to achieve in the end? I think an arcade expression may be what you're looking for but it depends on your end goal (number of points displayed as a label, a table of values?).

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