IT hardware asset Management

05-19-2022 08:53 AM
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I have been asked to create a map that would keep out IT hardware inventory by location within our organization buildings.  We have multiple buildings and some of our assets are outside.  They are interested in the mapping side of this so that they can quickly enter the tracking information onsite and still have the table available for analysis.

Has anyone tried something similar?  If so, would you mind sharing your plan design and how your were able to implement the program?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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By outside do you mean miles/kilometers away or do you mean like in a shed outside.

I think you would be best served keeping track of your inventory in a Table and then relating it to your locations outside and inside.

Example, our company hundreds of locations.  Each location has a location number. 

then using a relation to the table someone can select the point and then see the table of items.


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