Issues with Virtual Mosaic DEM publish as web layer for Arc GIS Online

03-10-2022 11:04 AM
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I have created a virtual mosaic in ArcPro. 9,000 plus Esri GRID files of elevation. Used multiple levels. Draws well in ArcPro and with dynamic range adjustment statistics works beautifully. Near perfect colorization (symbology). I want to share this virtual mosaic so that others can in their Arc Map Online can see the same (preferably in DRA statistics) and get the elevation when clicked on any location. That is spot elevation value (z) at any point as in ArcPro. 

I tried to publish this Virtual Mosaic as WebLayer and there is no  choice for a raster mosaic. Then I uses the Tile option. It did publish a web layer (DRA not allowed). When I opened the web layer in AGOL the color ramp is static and the resolution is low. Then I could not get ant values by pointing and clicking the surface. 

Did anyone work in similar situation? If so, were the results good?

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