issues with managing and exporting large dataset

09-04-2019 12:39 PM
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Hi all,

In ArcGIS Pro, I am working with a large high resolution raster dataset, specifically the NLCD 2016 dataset for about 5 states. I am also working with a polygon shapefile of subwatersheds (~11,200 unique) for the same states as the raster dataset. My goal is to find the area of my reclassified NLCD data as a percent of the total are per subwatershed.

My subwatershed polygon shapefile already got an area attribute calculated, I got that part down. So my next step is to calculate the area of Agriculture 4, Forest 3, Urban 2, and Other 1 cells in the raster. I decided to find the count of each raster value for each unique subwatershed by using the Zonal Histogram. However, this process made the table a bit wonky in that the ~11,200 subwatershed ID values are the columns and the raster value counts are the rows so I have a table that is 4 rows by ~11,200 columns instead of 4 columns and ~11,200 rows which is how the polygon shapefile originally has the subwatershed ID's. When I try to use Transpose Fields to swap the rows and columns, the program just stalls out. It does not crash or say failed or anything and just sits there trying to call the Zonal Histogram table. I have also tried to export as a excel table but the program limits the amount of columns you can export which I have far exceeded because it will only allow me to export in .xls. I have also tried Table to dBase and the same thing happens it just stalls out. During these stalls I cannot do anything except have to close the program via task manager. 

I would really rather not break up the data sets at all if I absolutely do not have to 

Any help or direction would be excellent and much appreciated. 

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