Issues with hatching functionality in ArcGIS Pro

06-25-2020 07:07 AM
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Hi, I am setting up chart Layouts in ArcGIS Pro and having some troubles with hatching functionality. After setting up hatching in Map it is missing in Layout. In addition when hatching is shown correctly in Layout it gets wrong after exporting to PDF (more details below). Does anybody experienced the same issues and maybe have some tips how to solve these issues?

Here is more detailed description (ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 was used):

This is our hatching symbology we have defined ourselves and saved to *.stylx

Here is how it is set up in the Map

Here is how does the hatching looks like and how it is set up in Map (looks correct)

After using the same layer/copying it from other Map (with hatching already set up) into Layout (.pagx) the hatching functionality is missing. In this case we need to set it up from scratch

Here we can notice that the small database symbol is missing on the left hand side so editing hatching is not possible at this moment

The second issue is the Export of Layout to PDF. After exporting to PDF, instead of numbers on the hatching we are getting some symbols while in Layout file it is  still looking fine.

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