Is there any information on best practices when creating a SVG file for importing as Shape Marker symbol

07-11-2019 10:12 PM
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Hi there,

Does anybody know if there is information on best practices or maximum limits on how to create/design a SVG to be used to import for Shape Marker in the Style file within ArcGIS Pro 2.4?

I was hoping for some of the information would be around

  • Use an application like Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Inkscape, etc. to create your files
  • Size no greater than 96 x 96px, etc
  • Only use 32bit colour
  • Background generally should be 'Transparent'
  • Don't use colour gradient fills

Here is an example of setting to enter when creating a new image with GIMP


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Not necessarily best practices, but I wanted to make sure that you've read

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I have seen this page before. To me it seems a little general in information. It would have nice to include what parts are supported when it comes to the sections of what has limited support (eg. gradients), etc. especially when the Tiny SVG 1.2 documentation is over 450 pages in length.

Is there a way to find out what software Esri Inc use to create the symbols within their stylx files?

I have been looking at the Utilities_en located in Esri Styles

And these from the Utility Network Foundation maps

I would have thought there would some form of the documentation/how-to guide to ensure correct software to be used, symbology to be consistent, perform well, ensure to be imported correctly, etc.

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I recently solved an issue I had with an SVG file that I wanted to use as a Shape Marker.  The error I was getting was that the file wouldn't open/display in ArcGIS Pro and the error message read "No editable properties for this element":


What solved the issue is that I opened the SVG in Sublime and removed the "display:inline" attribute from all the style tags:


I was then able to use the file in Pro.



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I have had the same problem as cmpalmer but unfortunately I have not been able to solve it. Any other suggestions to be able to open and use symbols in svg format in arcispro?

Any other suggestions to be able to open and use symbols in svg format in arcispro? Thanks in advance for your contributions

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