Is there a Pro verson of the Community Maps Data Prep Tools?

07-05-2018 10:33 AM
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Is there an ArcGIS Pro version of the Community Maps Data Prep Tools (CMDPT)?

The current CMDPT seems to only work with mxd files, which I haven't found within Pro's project folders.

Even if there is an mxd file in the Pro folders, would it still work?

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I recently became the 'go-to-guy' for our organization with respect to Community Map data submission:  I downloaded the tools, a month or so ago and didn't see any mention of ArcGIS Pro.

That should just about do it....
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Hey guys,

The current download for Data Prep Tools(V2) are not designed to be run in Pro.   The CM team is currently working on a new version (V3) to be released just after the User Conference that will contain a Pro Project and updated tools to be able to run smoothly in Pro up to 2.1.  We are planning to have a blog post to announce the new download in a few weeks!


Seth Sarakaitis

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When classifying building usage types that are government owned, should we be guided by usage or ownership?

For example: Should residential buildings on a military base be classified as "Government" or "General/Residential?"

Similar questions would apply with:

  • Public housing (Government or General/Residential)
  • Military airport  (Government or Airport)

Is there any guidance on applying building types to building footprint data?  The questions seem to multiply the more I get into it: 

  • Mixed-use buildings - Commercial or General  (Typically commercial on the ground floor with condos or apartments above.)



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Hi Scott, good questions!  Unfortunately we don't have any help pages to assist with these questions.

I suggest that you try to match the building classification with the Land Use polygon classification regardless of the varying types of buildings that might exist on a campus, or stick with all buildings to be "general".

Regarding Mixed-use buildings, you can use the same format as above.  If these are in a Commercial area then tag the buildings as such, if they are not in a Land Use polygon, simply keep them as "general". 

A good rule for classifications are to limit the classifications on buildings and keep many as possible as "general" which display as gray in the World Topo.  When every feature is categorized differently it can make the map look very busy.  Think of classifying only the major features to reduce this cartographic effect.  Hope this helps.  When you submit the data we can look through the classifications and provide some additional guidance.