Is it possible to view the name of the relate and the related table/feature instead of just the name of related table/feature?

07-15-2019 04:56 PM
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In previous versions of ArcGIS Pro and in ArcMap, when you created a relate between features and tables, you were able to see both the feature you were relating to and the custom name of the relate in the list of relates when executing the relate. For example: I have Table1 related to Table2 twice and have named the relates, "Table1ToTable2_ByUID" and "Table1ToTable2_ByOID". When selecting a relate to execute, you would see both of these relates by relate name in the menu list along with the name of the table/feature you were relating to; eg., "Table1ToTable2_ByUID: Table2" and "Table1ToTable2_ByOID: Table2". In 2.4, all you can see is the name of the related table in the list when executing the relate, eg., "Table2" and "Table2". This can be very confusing if you have two or more relates to the same feature or table, but based on different fields. Is there no way to expand the list to show the custom name of the relate to help users to determine which relate to use without having to guess at which? If you are working with very large datasets, a relate could take several minutes to complete, and is very frustrating to execute a relate, only to find you just wasted all that time by selecting the wrong relate.

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