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Is it possible to show locations along a Profile Graph on the map, or vice versa?

09-01-2022 04:22 AM
MVP Regular Contributor

This relates to the main Profile Graph functionality, not the Exploratory Analysis. I have a profile graph running 10s of kms along a bathymetric sandbank. I would like to plot points in the map that are reflected on the graph. Or plot points on the graph that are reflected on the map. Is there an idea out there to combine z enabled datasets in the same profile graph? Specifically pointZs combined with polylineZs?

profile graph.png

The functionality is almost there in exploratory analysis, but that tool is a temporary visual effect, not a physical data point. It makes it difficult to accurately place data points without a bit of fiddle factor. Certainly not exact.


The only alternative I can think of is to note the distance along the profile line that you want to mark up, and then somehow markup the line using linear referencing?! Or to mark up the line in the map with Z polylines that shoot vertically upwards in the same feature class polyline so that the profile graph contains vertical lines intersecting the main profile.

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