Is it me or after processing speed gain, 2.9 has gotten slower?

12-14-2021 04:00 PM
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After processing speed gains, in 2.9 the processing speed has slowed significantly.

Im wondering if others have noticed this, or is it something I need to do on my machine? 

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Troubleshooting Performance Issues in ArcGIS Pro - Esri Community

If nothing is obvious in your environment given the tips in the above link, then you may need to elaborate.


@KoryKramer  FYI 

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@PaulPrevedoros1 if you have reproducible steps with processing time pre-2.9 and processing time in 2.9 along with data (if it is data specific, we could try your steps with our own data) then we could take a look.

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I have been working on some large projects with multiple maps, Layouts and Plots.

If I modify a plot by changing the definition query, the updated plot can literally take minutes to update. If I need to change colour on chart properties series window (PS Nice addition) this can also take minutes.

2.8 seemed a much faster implementation than this version.. I accept that it may be the project.

But the impression the refreshing is trying to do something unnecessary, but I have no clue  

I have attached some screen shot of project and example of types of layouts


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