In ArcMap, you can add a polygon as an annotation that acts as a label weight. Is there an ArcPro equivalent?

10-21-2021 11:00 AM
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For those unaware of the "trick", in layout view if a label is in an undesirable spot (say it's a label cut off by the legend), a quick fix to this was to activate the data frame, then draw in a rectangle in the default annotation layer. The rectangle then acts as a label weight and moves labels away from that area. So you could make a rectangle annotation slightly bigger than the legend, make the symbology invisible, then labels would no longer get cut off by the legend. Example below.

The "Timber Creek" and legal land labels were being cut off by the legend. The quick fix was too add the pink polygon as an annotation layer in the focused data frame slightly bigger than the legend. This acted as a label weight and pushed those labels out so they were no longer cut off. The pink polygon can then by symbolized as invisible.



Is there an equivalent to this trick in ArcPro?

I realize that you can open the map frame then add a graphics layer which accomplishes the same thing, however you are making best guess for where to place it since the legend wouldn't show in the map frame and the labels display differently than in layout view. 

Is there a way to add graphics layers in layout view to accomplish the same trick as was done in ArcMap? If graphics layers being added to the map frame is the way to go, that's at least a fix for single page maps. But what about map series? If I have a 40 page mapbook, I shouldn't have to create a polygon in the graphics layer for each page affected by cut off labels.

Can you add label weights to the legend or other features like images if for example, an external reference image for varying soil types is added to the map?

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