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Image Cache Does Not Build When Published From Portal

04-25-2023 06:17 AM
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One of my organization's processes is to self-host one aerial image for end users. In the past, our setup has been:

Place image in a geodatabase on a server machine. Register the folder containing the geodatabase as a data store in Server Manager. From ArcMap (on the machine where the image is housed), File->Share As->Service. I then import the tiling scheme from the previous year's aerial image to maintain all the valuable spatial information, then publish the new service. The publishing succeeds relatively quickly, followed by 12-24 hours of cache building. 

However, this work flow is going to need to be modernized. The machine that hosts the image and does the publishing is our ArcGIS Server/ Data Store/ Portal machine, and from what I understand, Enterprise 11.1 cannot be installed on a machine that runs ArcGIS Desktop (?). So I've been trying to do the same workflow using ArcGIS Pro, following this documentation from ESRI ( The server that I'm publishing to is the server Federated with our Portal. Whenever I follow the same workflow from Pro as opposed to Map, the publishing succeeds (publishing log reflects this), but the cache never builds. It's stuck on 0% even a day after the initial publishing, and when adding the service to a map, it's just blank. 

Any guidance or tips would be much appreciated!

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