Illustrator AIX file export does not provide layer structure

12-22-2021 12:40 PM
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I'm trying to export relatively simple maps from ArcGIS PRO to Illustrator using the AIX function. I've followed all the steps correctly on guidance like this page here and this video here.

However, the result I get has all the layers grouped, rather than the layer structure which I hoped would make it easier to edit. In this case, the illustrator file then has hundreds of individual layers that can't really be edited easily in Illustrator. I've tried all different export options too, and have also tried exporting to different formats.

This is what I get, with everything grouped under one layer.


But I need these separated out according to the contents on ArcGIS.  Would appreciate some help.

Colleagues have tried running the exact same process on their machines, with different results. 


Adobe: 3.1.0
ArcGIS PRO: 2.5.0

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