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How to view a feature classes privileges in ArcGIS Pro?

03-21-2017 07:41 AM
Occasional Contributor III

In ArcGIS Pro, is there anyway to see what privileges are assigned to a SDE feature class or table?  Help documentations says to use the Change Privileges geoprocessing tool to change existing privileges but that tool doesn't allow you to see what already assigned.  In ArcCatalog, this option used to be under the manage option in tooltip popup.  Having the ability to see what is assigned already in an important feature when managing databases.

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I thought this was just a me issue.

Did you find a solution?   ESRI is there a method?

Off topic and will raise as own question... but i found that referencing mosaic dataset parameters/properties are also hard to find.  Used to be easily able to see the definition query a ref mosaic was driven by by right clicking it in ArcCatalog..... ArcPro just repeats the "Source" path.


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