How to remove pink line GRID Selection? Chart Properties>Series>GRID

02-17-2022 05:54 AM
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On the Chart Properties>Series>GRID I can divide the results by groups (which is awesome!).  There is an automatic pink line around the one the GRID, I am able to select others with the Pink Link.

But, how I can unselect one grid in order to have the same border color for all Grids?


@ChristopherAllenHi Chris, for your information in case you can help as well.

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Hi @lbraceromarre ,

Thanks for the question! The selection outline is primarily used to select a mini-chart to be viewed in the preview chart. We understand that when the preview chart is not displayed, it might not be desirable to show the selection outline. There is currently no way to turn off or change the formatting for the selection outline, but we plan to address this scenario in a future release.



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