How to order Symbol Classes from a style file

03-02-2021 02:41 AM
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I wonder if somebody can give me a heads up on an approach to Order the Symbol classes when using a style or stylx file in argis pro.  I have a style  file with 1500/1600 symbols required for geologic mapping, this is an old style file created several years ago and was ctreated by adding items in alphabetic order to the file (and this is the way that ArcgisPro displays them now), however years later we have a different (multiple) requirement for displayinf the classes in a diffeent order, I've tried reorganising these using the key value in manager - but I cannot see where to use the key sorting outside of manager.  I can manually change the order i manager with test stlye but this will not work with the large style - it would take forever to get right .... 

Similarly I can create the full corrrect order in Pro and save the .lyr and use symbolise by later in the future  - howvere we like the style file for overall management.. 

I have tried to reorder but failed miserably, i was able to change labels etc.. but not reorder ...  but possibly there is a way with .. but rather than reinvent the wheel I thought I'd ask the question here to save time.

The originag style file can be opened and manitulated in MS Acces which I could do for now, but I was trying to ensure we can do this in future with pro ...  the latest stylx  appear to be sqllite files whicg could be manipulated ?  again if anybody has recommendations on this .. that would be appreciated.

Is there a simplier more obvious way that I'm just not seeing or considering  ?


any help direction is really appreciated.


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