How to group values in charts or use Arcade in charts

12-10-2021 07:57 AM
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This one should be easy but I cannot figure it out.

I have a Stream Order field with values 1-8.  I want to group them like I do in symbology.


But in the charts I see no way to group values for category


So I wrote an Arcade expression in the popup to do it.  But the Arcade expression does not show in the chart drop down list for Category for some reason.  I do not see it in the attribute table either like I do in AGOL.

How can I do a simple grouping of values?  I want it to be dynamic and not be a new field.  



Thanks a lot

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Hmmm. If you use "Split by" instead of "Category", you can change the symbols in the "Series" tab. I was expecting that I could group symbols there like in the Symbology tab, but right-clicking in the symbol table does nothing.

Doesn't seem to be implemented. You could post it as an Idea.

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@DougBrowning  @JohannesLindner  - I couldn't find an idea so I created one: Use Arcade in Chart Variables - Esri Community

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