How to get Region Layout View to Appear

08-08-2019 12:49 PM
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I am wanting to get the region layout inserted inside my existing map (to show it at a state level) like this article. Make a layout—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

Reading the article, I do not have a "region" choice to insert a map, screenshot provided. How do I get the region view to become one of the dropdown options?


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Hi Adam, 

The insert Map Frame gallery will give you up to 3 basic options in which to insert a map frame onto your layout.

1. Default Extent:  This is the extent defined for the map. If there is no extent defined the extent will be the largest extent of your data. If you have a standard basemap this means your extent is the world. You can set a map extent in the Extent tab in Map Properties.

2. Bookmarks: You can use any bookmark belonging to the map to set the initial extent of the map frame. You should see the name of the bookmark listed underneath the thumbnail.

3. Map Views: You can use any of the open views of the map to set the initial extent of the map frame. With open views you should see the map scale underneath the thumbnail.

You can hover the mouse over each thumbnail to see additional information.

If there are no open views of the map and the map has no bookmarks the only option available will be the default.

By looking at the screenshot you provided there appears to be a single map named "Map" in the project with a single map view at scale 1:77,844. The screenshot for tutorial shows 2 map views of 2 different maps: "Central Wellington" and "Region". 

If these map are part of your project they should be listed in the insert Map Frame gallery. Are these maps listed in the Catalog pane of your project?  If not, that is why you don't see "Region" in the gallery.

If the maps are there and NOT available in the insert Map Frame gallery... that would be a bug.