How to dock multiple floating windows together on separate screen?

05-19-2016 09:34 AM
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In ArcMap, you can move the attributes window to a different screen and have multiple attribute tables docked there. How can I do this in Pro? All I can figure out how to do is dock it on the main screen (which I don't want) or create a separate floating window for each attribute table. It's so annoying that I can't dock all the attribute tables together on my second screen...

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I can confirm you can't pin them together ... BUT ... I am just happy that you can have the separate tables open.

The upside is... if you save your project with the open windows on the 2nd, they open where they were last placed.

For me having the tables be open as separate entities is old school ArcView 2/3 and to have them on a different monitor is a new school bonus.

                                                       monitor 1  monitor 2


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TravisSmith - I have the same question, have you found a solution to this?


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