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How to create control points?

06-04-2020 07:58 PM
New Contributor

I am attempting to add a shape marker to a line in ArcPro. The options in the symbology properties are "On control point", "On extremities", or "On regular vertices" (see attached image).

How does one either add a control point, or turn a vertices into a control point? There is zero documentation anywhere.

If helpful to know, the symbology has been converted from representations in ArcPro.

(In case anyone asks, this has nothing to do with control points used for georeferencing.)

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Esri Community Moderator

Currently in ArcGIS Pro, control points can be defined using either Set Control Point By Angle—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation or Set Control Point At Intersect—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation This is an area where further capabilities remain to be added in ArcGIS Pro, which likely explains the lack of documentation.  Are you able to work with the geoprocessing tools, or do you need to manually add control points?

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New Contributor

I'm in the exact same situation as the OP. Formerly used representations in ArcMap. It seems like ArcPro still does not have a method of actually adding the control points manually. Is that actually the case?

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Hey it's now 2024 and I still don't think this is possible to do in Pro. Any update from ESRI about placing control points on a line for marker symbol placement? 

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I am looking forward to it.

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