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How to create a area on map 8 by 8km area rectangle, and render it with highest quality?

04-21-2024 06:59 AM
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Hello i'm completely new to GIS and im close to a mental breakdown as i understand nothing it's so complicated and i always take the wrong path lol.

I want to recreate this:

So i have the 4 coords of my area its a rectangle and for each corner i have the coords.

Then i want to only have this area visible inside Arcgis pro.

Then i need to create a supervised image classification?

If i got my classification how i want, i want to export it with the highest quality possible and 8k image texture.
So i can use it as a splatmap in unreal engine.

I also found the "esri Sentinel 2 10m land cover" wich would be perfect but it's missing details such as streets etc. The area i want is chernobyl reactor so you can actually see yourself.

But i cant even get the satellite image to work im just dont understand how i can define a 8/8km rectangle inside arcgis pro and do all this, i searched every tutorial on the internet but cant get it to work. Please help me somebody.

Best regards!

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