How do I display just one feature class ( example : Annotation ) in ArcGIS Pro Catalog that has either Enterprise or Geodatabase ?

10-19-2022 09:37 AM
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Using search in ArcGIS Pro Catalog as a topic.  When you open in Catalog and if you have SDE or Dataset, all you can see is the column Type is either Enterprise Dataset or Geodatabase Dataset.  But the problem it is not telling you which one is a feature class like Annotation, Points, Polygon, or Table etc...

Screenshot for an example :


As you can see Type here : All I can see is the 


You see yellow highlight above ... It is a Enterprise Geodatabase Feature class

Now,  My question here is about how to search for just a feature class only.


Can I type the Feature Class in the search box to pull up all the annotation feature class without having to typse a specific name ?

Look at my screenshot as an example :



What I want is to just display all the annoation feature class show up in Catalog rather than to have all the feature class like lines, polygon, table, points, etc 

Can I do that ?

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